Automatic wood stacker SF8010

A cut off saw is a simple but powerful cutting tool that is widely used for wood cutting.
About the Machine

Machine Parameter

Wood length800-1500mm/2000mm
Wood width50-200mm
Wood thickness15-100mm
Spacer thickness10-38mm
Spacer width25-150mm
Spacer length800-1200mm
Stack heightMax. 1100mm
Stack width800-1200mm
Stack length800-1500mm
Voltage380v 50hz 3phase
Air pressure0.6-0.7MPA
Spacer feeder3pc
Outfeeding table4m length
Machine height830-930mm
Machine space8700*6700*2730
Machine weight3750kg
  1. Stacks up to 8-12 layers per minute, estimate 3-4m3/min.
  2. Installs behind notchers, chamfers, trim saws & gang saws, multi rip saws, 4-sides moulders, planers, bandsaw etc.
  3. Run your whole line with one operator.


  1. Drop Type Spacer Feeder 3pcs (Included)

Max. Can have 4 pcs with extra cost.

Spacer length 800-1200mm

Spacer width 25-150mm

Spacer thickness 10-38mm

Capacity: Up to 600 mm height stack of Spacers

Programmable: the Spacer release time can be set according to different stacking requirements.

The Spacer feeder has been designed to accommodate reasonable variations in the Spacers. However, in order for the feeding mechanism to run trouble free, it is advisable that the Spacers be consistent in shape and size. Good square ends on the Spacers help them to feed better and also keep a tighter stack.

  1. Sensors (Included)
  1. Board-arrange-chain full sensor, when the board-arrange-chain is full then unscrambler will pause automatically, thus to prevent board overlap error.
  2. Tie trip feeder no wood sensor, if no wood, machine will pause and alarm.
  3. Spacer feeder stuck wood sensor, if stuck wood, machine will pause and alarm
  4. Stacking max. Height sensor, to prevent overhigh stacking.
  5. Stack out-feeding sensor, ensure finished stack will move to outfeed conveyor, thus other wood can keep feeding and stacking.
  6. Out-feeding conveyor full sensor, if out-feeding conveyor is full, then will alarm and pause, thus remind you take away the stack
  1. Layer Confirmation (Included)

This option is used to confirm the proper numbers of boards are in each layer prior to being stacked.

Touch screen control page can freely set the number of layers and Spacers, and automatically calculate the stacking height max. height 1100mm.

  1. Stack Tightener (Included)

This helps maintain the integrity of the stack when the Stacker is in operation. As the Stacker stacks, dry and/or slick boards have a tendency to become unstable. The Stack Tightener prevents this by mechanically holding the boards in place.

  1. Knock Off Hooks (Included)

Mounted onto the Unscrambler and are adjusted to remove any double boards that may come over the Unscrambler.

  1. Powered feeding conveyors (optional and customize with extra cost)

Upstream material control


Basic Information

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Business TypeManufacturer/Factory
Main ProductsWooden Machinery
Total Annual Revenue13158023 USD
Terms of PaymentLC, T/T, D/P, PayPal, Western Union


Shandong HICAS Machinery (group) Co., Ltd is a woodworking machinery exporter & manufacturer, located in Qingdao China. We have more than 17 years’ experience, we know the developing history of Chinese woodworking machinery industry, main manufacturers in each city, and international demands for Chinese machinery.

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Through years of cooperation we meet hundreds of woodworking machinery factories, some with perfect technology and service we keep cooperation till now, some with bad quality or service and always delay for delivery we don’t cooperate anymore, now we have good dealer relationship with top manufacturers in different cities, with substantial technical advantages and competitive price and trustworthy services.

We have our own Sales and After Sales Service team, our Engineer Team (consist with the engineers from our suppliers) with +20 years’ experience, professional with woodworking machinery’s production, installation, operation and maintenance.

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