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In 1836, the belgian furniture division thonet invented wood craft and tan plate technology, and the first mass production line of furniture, this is the rudiment of modern furniture and mechanized present, we are facing the problems of resource reduction and sustainable development, so we must find another way, furniture is the best choice of furniture to create a board as the main materials, the decoration of wood-basead panel and hardware connected has the advantages of removable, fashionable, non deformation, solid texture, affordable price, good environmental protection and so on. plate furniture connection selection hardware, assembly and demolition is very simple, processing precision furniture can be repeated disassembly, easy handling.because it breaks the original physical organization of wood, change during the temperature, humidity, deformation of wood-based panels smaller than wood, so the plate type furniture than solid wood furniture is solid, it will be the space defect into the design addition, with the rapid rise of a series of brands such as ikea, sophia, all friends, furniture, more and more plate furniture appeared, and the wind and water in the market.

The use of panel furniture in interior design not only brings convenience to people's life but also makes people love life more and care for their families. It also brings different visual effects and happiness for indoor space. choose furniture should not only consider the function but also consider the role of the link, space color, texture, style and so on, the space is full of vitality.

Organize and plan the indoor environment indoor environment, usually with walls and partition to separate the space, such a separation method is more old-fashioned, and the utilization rate is not high, is a more traditional method. if the space with furniture, not only can play its own function, but also improve the utilization rate of space, this method is very practical and popular. for example, the design of the house can use the wardrobe, kitchen, meals, bars, separate cabinets, and other space; supermarket, commercial areas of these public places larger flow, generally with shelves space this case, the panel furniture can not only reduce the pressure of the wall but also improve the utilization of the space.

Adjust the color and texture of indoor environment, create a space atmosphere, pull type furniture has rich color and texture, plays an important role in the construction of indoor the design of color and texture of furniture, the principle of unity and change should be grasped. The decorative effect of panel furniture is closely related to the atmosphere of interior addition to its use function, also can be derived for building flexible component of indoor space, as decorations, which requires designers skilled use of furniture, color, texture, shape, style, and other factors, the layout can determine the nature and function of space. The designer can express the emotion and aesthetic feeling through the furniture performance space, and the visual effect is remarkable. If the city has a sofa and a coffee table, it creates a space for public interaction; if the city has bedding, its function is defined as the bedroom, and the range of users is relatively small.

With the continuous development of science and technology, furniture material has not only confined to the wood, glass, plastic, pvc and some other non wood materials used in furniture in the beginning, this is the result of the development of furniture.the development of science and technology has not only entered into the development of new materials but also improved the cover technology of panel furniture. the cover of the panel furniture is finer than before, the effect is more aesthetically pleasing and the texture is closer to the logs. In particular, the parquet is imitation solid wood, suitable for different types of furniture, and the style tends to be natural. The pursuit of artistic style plate furniture breaks the traditional furniture modeling limitations, according to the needs of consumers, according to the actual situation to make different shapes, to meet the practicality at the same time, more reflect the artistic. With the development of society, people's aesthetic taste is getting higher and higher, their pursuit of art and their desire for nature are getting stronger and stronger. People also have the same requirements on furniture.

The development of science and technology of mechanization and automation, professional production mode will promote the development of industrial technology, mechanization, automation, professional production mode provides better record for the furniture production, not only more efficient, and better quality. Panel furniture conforms to the progress of science and technology, pointing out the direction for the development of furniture in the future.

Standardization, serialization, and disassembly with the development of industrial technology, the components of panel furniture are more standardized and serialized, and the installation and demolition of components are becoming more and more convenient. These furniture design, convenient production, storage, transportation, assembly, and consumption, is the mainstream direction of modern furniture development.

Design and technology tend to modernization, integration of the manufacture and design of panel furniture and computer software, is a qualitative leap in furniture manufacturing. Furniture manufacturing is no longer relying on traditional crafts, and more with computer software technology, not only fashionable, colorful, and high yield, practical, high utilization.

The transformation of furniture industry has been carried out quietly. Furniture with its low price, large capacity, reasonable zoning, disassembly of jane, mobile and other advantages, occupy an important position in the field of interior design. Designers should grasp the trend of the development of the times, skilled use of design language, with the characteristics of furniture, plate furniture design has been further development.

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