Furniture production modernization

Life is very abstract, but the real existence of an adjective. the reason why the abstract is because no one can complete the expression of life clearly.If you just borrow a thing to open the "life" of the mystery. I will use the sofa to carry out the interpretation of life.

Quiet weekend, put the body and mind. And loved ones, nestled on the sofa at home. Warm sun wantonly ran to the body, this one, the sofa is the protagonist of life and we are only content.

one set sofa,a group of coffee,a table, two is so simple!

The perfect edge is the high-end furniture business card!the more advanced the machine, the higher the efficiency, the lower the cost. Our plate furniture production line, with good connectivity, high degree of completion, easy to operate features.

We will be based on your request, combined with your local plate resources, the target market, for you to make the program. Let your investment, not only began with your ideas, as well as our grasp of the woodworking machinery industry, the positioning of the furniture market.

Perhaps your factory is very mature, just want to upgrade the product. Perhaps your business is the start-up phase, want the performance and price are suitable for the development of the status where. We will give you the most pertinent program. We do not just want to do business with you but hope to help you succeed, give you strength.

Batch production and order production With the diversification of product types, it is critical to achieve production costs that meet market demand through optimal resource utilization, short processing time and low inventory. You can use our industry knowledge, long experience and the broadest range of products to provide comprehensive solutions, we provide you with the overall solution.

The professional equipment quickly sets the color-matching edge banding to the part that has just been cut; a laser beam is sent to the side of the edge band to melt before it is pressed through the plate; the gap will no longer be visible. The end result is the industry's new quality standards. After the edge processing, the furniture parts will be drilled, grooved, threaded and bucket.

The next part will continue to the classification buffer on the production line, which will introduce the components in the correct order for assembly and delivery. Its height until the ceiling of the shop looks like a huge shelf and can accommodate 4000 pieces of furniture parts. It decouples the highly chained process steps as an intermediate warehouse and at the same time ensures that small interrupts do not immediately stop the entire process. After the quality check, the parts will be assembled, or individually packaged and loaded.

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