Metal Sanding Machine (ADV508-RW800)

The motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disc installed on the polishing machine to rotate at a high speed, and the surface to be polished is rubbed, so as to achieve the purpose of removing paint pollution, oxide layer and shallow marks.
About the Machine

Machine Parameter

Available width30-800mm
Available thickness0.5-100mm
No.1 roller speedFrequency control
Feed speed0.5-5m/min Frequency speed
Belt size 2000*820mm
Vac-sorb power15KW
Delivery motor power1.5KW
Lift motor power0.55KW
Belt station power15KW
Rotary brush motor power 2.2KW*2
Total motor power37.82KW
No.1 unit of belt shelfΦ190mm SH45 eccentric
MACHINE net weight2500KG


Usage of the machine and main parameters

For flat metal plate material (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.) deburred, brushed, and polished.

Processing technology principle

The main structure of the machine is a combination of an abrasive belt and a group of 8 brushers for deburring and grinding. Each station can be used independently or in combination, suitable for various products with various processes needed by factories.

  1. Pneumatically controlled eccentric sanding roller, which can be lifted and lowered independently. When equipment fails, all sanding rollers automatic lifting to protect the material from damage;
  2. Special customized type tensioning cylinder with a large bore and high stability;
  3. Independent bearing hanging plate, easy to adjust;
  4. The automatic thickness setting function automatically locates the thickness of the plate;
  5. Damping belt deviation knob, adjust the deviation of the belt, the operation is simple and convenient.
  6. Vac-sorb worktable
  7. The wide belt contact roller can be switched forward and reverse according to the actual situation during the working process.
  8. There is a cleaning brush roller equipped, which is used to remove the metal plate residue during the working process of the conveyor belt.
  9. Low processing cost and low energy consumption;
  10. Convenient operation, touch screen operation panel, LED light source inside the equipment, easy to observe the processing status of the workpiece.
  11. Each workstation has frequency converters that can use different speeds depending on the difference.

Basic Information

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Main ProductsWooden Machinery
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Shandong HICAS Machinery (group) Co., Ltd is a woodworking machinery exporter & manufacturer, located in Qingdao China. We have more than 17 years’ experience, we know the developing history of Chinese woodworking machinery industry, main manufacturers in each city, and international demands for Chinese machinery.

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