Project Description

Two Bags Dust Collector Series HCZ

Dust Collector 9075A

HX100 (automatic circular saw blade sharpening machine)

Air Compressor

Model HCZ9030 HCZ9040 HCZ9055 HCZ9075
Motor Power 3kw 4KW 5.5KW 7.5KW
Air delivery 3150m3/h 4450m³/h 6000m³/h 7000m³/h
Air Speed 30-45m/sec 30-45m/sec 30-45m/sec 30-45m/sec
Inlet Diameter Φ100mm*3pcs φ 100mm*4 φ 100mm*6 φ100mm*6
Dust bag diameter Φ470*90cm*4 φ 630*100cm*4 φ 630*100cm*4 Upper φ 630*200cm*2

Lower φ 630*100cm*2

Overall size (mm) 1470*550*2000 1800*700*2360 1800*700*2360 1800*760*2550
Packing Size (mm) 1300*560*520 1470*670*720 1470*670*720 1640*780*720
Net /Gross Weight 67/70kg 95/104kg 120/127kg 125/132kg
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3PH (can be customized)

Model HCZ9075A
Motor Power 7.5kw
Air delivery 14000m3/h
Air Speed 30-45m/sec
Inlet Diameter Φ120mm*7pcs
Collector Φ630*900mm*3 pcs;


Overall size 3100*1070*3400mm
Packing Size 3100*1700*850mm
Voltage 380V/50HZ/3Hp
Net Weight 386kg

HX100 automatic circular saw blade sharpening machine
Saw blade diameter 100-650mm
Grinding teeth speed 10 teeth/min, adjustable
Grinding head rotate speed 3000 rpm
Back angle grinding wheel speed 20 m/s
Front angle grinding wheel speed 26 m/s
Grinding wheel granularity 240-400
Back angle grinding wheel size 125*20mm
Front angle grinding wheel size 170*20mm
Front angle of saw blade 0-30 °
Front rake angle 0-45 °
Back angle of saw blade 0-30 °
Back rake angle 0-45 °
Saw blade thickness 0.7-5mm
Grinding stroke 8mm
Machine power 0.8kw
Machine weight 300kg
Machine size 1100*900*1200mm
Water tank capacity 27L
Cooling pump flow 10L/min

Air Compressor
The line contains, Screw air compressor + air tank + air filter + air dryer
Power 2-37kw
Pressure 6-12 bar
Capacity 0.8-22M3/min
Dust collection port 2pc-8pc
We recommend right air compressor model base on the main woodworking machine
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