Project Description

HC270 (Semi-automatic CNC panel saw)

HC330G (Automatic CNC Beam Panel Saw)

Semi-automatic CNC panel saw HC270
Cutting length Max. 2680mm
Cutting thickness Max. 70mm
Main saw blade size 350mm*30mm
Main saw blade speed 4800r/min
Scoring saw blade size 180mm*30mm
Scoring saw blade speed 6900r/min
Sawing head forwarding speed 5-50m/min
Sawing head backwarding speed 67m/min
Saw head motor 2.2KW
Saw blade motor 11KW
Total power 13.2kw
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3Phase
Air pressure 5-7kg/m³
Machine weight 2760kg
Machine size 5200*1300*1600mm

Automatic CNC beam panel saw HC-330G
Working length Max. 3280mm
Working width Max. 3280mm
Working thickness Max. 130mm intelligent lifting
Main saw blade size 400/450*4.4*75mm*72T
Scoring saw blade size 160*4.4/5.4*45*24T
Sawing head forwarding speed 5-100 M / min
Sawing head backwarding speed Up to 100M / min
Manipulator forwarding speed 0-120M / min
Manipulator backwarding speed Up to 120M / min
Side pressing device Pneumatic bilateral pressing wheel
Main saw motor power 18KW
Scoring saw motor power 2.2KW
working voltage 380V/50HZ/3PHASE
Air floating table blower motor power 2.2KW
Compressed air 6bar
Total amount of air 150 L / min
Min. Dust collection speed 26 M / S
Negative pressure Min. 1200pa
Dust collection volume 4400m3 / h
Dust collection port 200mm*2pc + 100mm*2pc
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