Multi Rip Saw

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Project Description


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Max. Working Thickness 120 mm
Min. Working Thickness 10 mm
Min. Length Of Single Piece To Be Fed 600 mm
Min. Length Of Pieces To Be Continuously Fed 300 mm
Max. Working Thickness Of Press Plate For Short Piece 95 mm
Max. Working Width 300 mm
Distance From Post To The Middle Point Of Chain Blocks 360 mm
Max. Diameter Of Saw Blades 380 mm
Min. Diameter Of Saw Blades 200 mm
Bore Diameter Of Saw Blades 70 mm
Saw Spindle Diameter 55 mm
Saw Spindle Speed 4000 rpm
Saw Spindle Motor 37 kw
Feeding Motor 2.2 kw
Feeding Speed (Frequency Converter Control) 4 – 30 m/min
Press Roller Unit Elevating Motor 0.37 kw
Suction hoods diameter 2×150 mm
Dust suction system air need quantity 3800m3/h
Dust suction system air wind speed 25~35m/s
Work table height 740 mm
Work table size 1735X760 mm
Overall dimensions 2200X1500X1580 mm
Encasement dimensions 1900x1600x1750mm
Net weight 2300kg
Encasement weight 2600kg
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