Wood Pallet Making Machine

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Project Description

SF901 (automatic stringer wood pallet nailing machine)

SF6060 (cut off saw)

SF701 (wood pallet notching machine)

SF9022 (wood pallet leg nailing machine)

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Pallet type Stringer pallets
Pallet width 800-1500mm
Pallet length 800-1500mm
Pallet height 80-150mm
Stringer height 70-120mm
Stringer width 30-50mm, +/-3mm tolerance
Foot & roof board thickness 10-25mm
Productivity 850pc/8h shift (1*1m pallet)
Nailing gun 4pc MAX CN70
Coil nails 3000 nails/coil, 45-70mm length,

shank diameter 2.5-2.9mm, head diameter 5.7-7.2mm

Gantry servo motor 1.5KW
Hydraulic motor 2.2KW
Stack motor 0.37KW*2
Discharging table power 2.2kw
Total power 6.7KW
Machine working power Max. 4.5KW
Voltage 380v, 3 phase, 50 Hz.
Air pressure 7-8kg/cm2
Air tank volume

in machine

0.3 cubic meters
Extra Air tank volume

prepared by buyer

2-3 cubic meters
Air compressor required Min. 2 cubic meters/min
Electric components Schneider brand
Pneumatic components Airtac brand
PLC, touch screen Siemens
Machine dimension 15m*2.5m*2.6m (L*W*H)
Machine weight 7000kg
Model SF6060
Cutting length Max. 2m/ 4m/ 6m
Cutting height 10-120mm
Cutting width 30- 200mm
Cutting section Max. 120*150mm/100*200mm
Feeding speed 5-30m/min
Cutting speed 40pcs/min
Blade diameter 450mm*30mm
Cutter spindle rotation speed 3000rpm
Servo drive motor power 0.75kw
Cutting motor power 7,5kw/11HP
Total power 8.5kw
Pressing method Cylinder, air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Cutting tolerance In +/-1mm
Machine working dimension L*W*H, 5.4m*1.2m*1.6m/7.4m*1.2m*1.6m/9.4m*1.2m*1.6m
Dust collection port Dia. 100mm*2pc
Electrical components Schneider
PLC Touching screen Siemens



Technical data
Model SF7011 single head SF7013 double head
Operator needed 1 person
Power Cutter motor 15kw Cutter motor, 2*15kw=30kw
Feeding motor, 0.75kw
Width adjustment motor,0.75kw
Total power, 31.5kw
Voltage 380V 3Phase 50Hz. Can customized, with extra cost $200
Wood length 800-1350mm 800-1900mm
Notching thickness Max. 150mm
Notching depth Max. 65mm adjustable Max. 70mm adjustable
Notching width Max. 304.8mm adjustable Max. 370mm adjustable
Number of cutting blades 2pc side +14pc middle 2pc side +14pc middle
Notching speed 600pc/hour 1200-1800pc/h
Tolerance ≤1mm ≤1mm
Net dimension L*W*H 1350*980*1100mm 2450*1600*1550mm
Net Weight 800kg 1400kg
Control system Siemens PLC Siemens PLC
Exhaust duct 1pc diameter 150mm 2pc diameter 150mm
Cutter type Indexable
Cutting arc 25.4mm
Wood board length 800-1350mm
Wood board width 80-150mm
Wood board thickness 12-20mm
Wood block length 80-150mm
Wood block width 80-150
Wood block thickness 80-100(110)mm
Wood board + wood block thickness ≦130mm
Productivity 400-600pc/h
Nailing gun 3pc MAX CN70
Coil nails 3000 nails/coil, max. 57mm length,
Nailing motor power 2.25kw
Feeding block motor power 0.75kw
Total power 3kw
Voltage 380v 50hz 3phase (Can customize)
Air pressure 8 MPa
Electric components Schneider brand
Pneumatic components Airtac brand
PLC touch screen Siemens
Machine dimension 6m*2.4m*2.4m (L*W*H)
Machine weight 2500kg
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