Woodworking diy, teach you to process Wood leftover!

Woodworking diy, teach you to process Wood leftover!

When we build furniture, there are often some unused scraps. It is a pity that these materials are thrown away, as craftsmen use these wastes to make some interesting objects. How to make reasonable use of these materials and make some practical playthings? This article sorts out some examples of scrap processing, providing the majority of woodworking enthusiasts with some ideas to turn waste into treasure.

The finished product is a keyboard keycap, which can be disassembled and installed on the keyboard. The specific style is shown below.

With hand-built keyboard support

Tools to be used include: measuring tools (vernier calipers), planing knives, sawing tools, gripping tools, protective tools (goggles, masks, etc.), glue, etc.

The key cap making process is as follows:

1: Use the 18mm fine-toothed bead knife and the saw to remove the round shape of the keycap (like the 16-bead knives). Drill a hole and piece it down. For thick wood, The efficiency is faster than cutting into a bookmark first, and the quality is more controllable.

2: Grinding with a 300 mesh 800 mesh and 2000 mesh diamond grinding disc, and grinding the mirror effect with 5000 mesh and 7000 mesh.

3: Remove the chrysanthemum from the waste keycap and smooth the chrysanthemum. The normal keycap should not have an angle.

4: Do not glue the ab glue on the back of the processing keycap.

5: keyboard cap is completed

The keyboard tray production process is as follows.

1: Make an ordinary hand rest with the furniture, the general shape is as shown below.

2: Dig out the groove, (designed according to the size of your wrist, different size, more comfortable), and polished out the finished product.

Looking forward to your work :)

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